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Android support was added in release 1.2.0. Onyx NoSQL Database is built using core Java and is a light-weight graph database that is ideal for the mobile platform. Starting in version 2.0.0, Onyx was converted to Kotlin and offers better support for mixed JVM language development.

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Android NoSQL Graph Database Query Change Listeners, Indexing, Binding, Lazy Loading, Etc.

Onyx NoSQL database is light-weight, efficient, and uses little resources. It makes it a natural choice to use within a mobile application. Since it is built using core Java integrating it within Android is easy.

Onyx Database has an easy to use NoSQL ORM. Developers can easily model mobile applications by annotating classes. There is little configuration and it eliminates boiler plate code. Developing multi threaded applications within Android could not be easier with Onyx NoSQL Database since Onyx's persistence API is completely thread safe.

Onyx is written in Kotlin and supports Android Java 1.7, 1.8, and Kotlin targets.

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Stateless Onyx Remote Database Integration

Onyx is completely stateless so an entity saved within an embedded database does not require state to be saved within a remote database. Onyx can be used as an embedded Android database or as a Remote database client within Android.

Query Change Listeners Change how you develop mobile applications.

Onyx provides Query Change Listeners that allow seamless UI binding. Only execute a Query once and be notified when to change your UI.

Performance Optimized for Mobile

Onyx provides efficient resource usage that is well suited for Android development. There are no third party libraries and can be easily integrated using gradle.

Model Updates Lightweight Migration

Every time you update your Android application, your data model will automatically update itself.